Vehicle upfitting is when a standard factory vehicle is taken to a specialist to be upgraded. Anything from standard cars and trucks to fleet vehicles can be upfitted. Upfitting can be for aesthetics purposes, or it can enable vehicles to perform tasks more effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • People like to upfit vehicles for aesthetic purposes, but vehicle upfitting is more commonly used to give vehicles increased versatility and functionality.
  • The two types of vehicles that are most commonly upfitted are commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles. Industries require their vehicles to perform specific tasks.
  • Common upgrades for commercial vehicles include increased storage capacity, graphics, accessibility ramps, partitions, and industry-specific equipment.
  • Common upgrades for emergency vehicles include light bars, sirens and speakers, communication equipment, computers, cameras, and medical equipment.
  • TCS Upfitting is the best upfitter in the state of Kansas. We specialize in emergency vehicles but can perform upgrades on commercial and personal vehicles too!

Why Do People Upfit Vehicles?

Oftentimes, people utilize truck upfitting to give their vehicle more visual flair. People like to have their trucks lifted, raising them higher off the ground, or decorate their trucks with permanent decals. Additional lights are another common aesthetic feature. For example, you can upfit your car doors with lights, so that they shine a design on the ground when the door is opened.

However, the more important reason to upgrade vehicles is to improve their functionality and versatility. Adding a winch can help drivers pull heavy objects (i.e. tree trunks out of the ground). Trailer hitches allow drivers to pull excess cargo. Push bars give vehicles more protection in the front, allowing them to push disabled vehicles off the road.

However, at TCS Upfitting, our team specializes in upfitting emergency vehicles, such as police cruisers, ambulances, and firetrucks. Our upgrades give emergency vehicles increased functionality. This enables first responders to perform their tasks more effectively.

Commercial Vehicle Upfitting

Upfitting is very beneficial to commercial vehicles, as it allows them to perform tasks that they otherwise could not. A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that is used for business purposes. They can be anything from massive eighteen-wheelers to minivans to standard work trucks.

Upgrades for Commercial Vehicles

The most common and useful upgrades for commercial vehicles include the following.

  • Graphics and decals
  • Cargo access and handicap accessibility
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Partitions
  • Flooring
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Industry-specific equipment


Adding decals and graphics to business-related vehicles can help promote your brand. When other people are driving and see one of your vehicles, it may encourage them to try out your products or services. Many companies print phone numbers and contact information on their vehicles, as well. This way people can reach out to them more easily.

Cargo Access and Handicap Accessibility


Adding ramps and accessibility features to vans and trucks can improve their usability. If a van is being used to transport heavy or awkward equipment, a ramp can help workers move the cargo without injuring themselves. Similarly, a retirement home may want to add ramps to their vehicles to transport wheelchair users or people with disabilities.

Increased Storage Capacity

The storage of commercial vehicles can be upgraded in many ways. Roof racks allow for the transportation of cargo that might not fit inside the vehicle. Inventory management systems can be installed to keep equipment organized. There are several options to accommodate different types of cargo.


Partitions are useful for large vehicles that could benefit from having their trailer space sectioned off. For example, an eighteen-wheeler might be carrying multiple types of cargo, and some of them might need to be kept at cold temperatures. Thus, sectioning off half of the trailer could come in handy.


If people are going to be spending time in the back of a van or truck (maybe it acts as a type of mobile command center), then having adequate flooring will be much appreciated.

Refrigeration Systems

Sometimes cargo needs to be kept in a cold environment. Food, drinks, medicine, and other types of products can require refrigeration. A proper refrigeration system can enable them to be transported without the risk of perishing.

Industry-Specific Equipment

Certain industries require specific equipment in order to get the job done.  For example, plows need to be added to the fronts of trucks, so that they can clear roads and parking lots of snow.

Emergency Vehicle Upfitting

Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) rely on their respective vehicles on a daily basis. If their vehicles are ill-equipped, then they will not be able to do their jobs. For example, if emergency vehicles are not upfitted with the proper lights and sirens, then first responders cannot maneuver through traffic as effectively. This could prevent them from getting where they need to be.

Upgrades for Emergency Vehicles


Common upgrades for emergency vehicles include the following.

  • Light bars
  • Sirens and speakers
  • Graphics and decals
  • Communication equipment
  • Computers and monitors
  • Video surveillance and cameras
  • Prisoner transportation
  • Medical equipment

Without these common upgrades, emergency vehicles can’t do their jobs effectively. Take a look at this guide for more detailed information about upgrades specific to emergency vehicles.

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