Truck Suspension Upgrades and Other Heavy-Duty Customizations

Your vehicle’s suspension system is an essential part of its comfort, safety and reliability. Upgrading the springs and shock absorbers fitted on your truck can improve the comfort of your ride when you’re tackling rough, bumpy and uneven terrain.

Customizing your truck for heavy-duty performance is much more critical if you want to take on the roads less traveled. Off-roading can damage your truck if you don’t prepare it to handle harsh terrain. 

If you want to upgrade your truck suspension systems or install other off-road truck parts, consider partnering with a reliable automobile company. TCS Upfitting in Wichita, KS specializes in installing vehicle suspension systems and accessories.

Our well-trained technicians are there to help you equip your truck for the best off-roading experience. Unlock the power of your pickup truck by enhancing its suspension system for off-roading and high performance. 

Truck Suspension Types

Factory Model Suspension

Factory model parts and systems are those components that come with your vehicle when it’s launched from the manufacturing center. While safe and reliable for standard driving conditions, these built-in vehicle suspension systems often don’t have a high level of durability for off-road driving. 

The good news is that with TCS Upfitting, you can customize your vehicle’s factory suspension system to suit your own needs. Get a superior ride quality as you hit the dirt with your upgraded off-road truck. 

Suspension Lift Kits

If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s factory-built suspension, suspension lift kits can come in handy. These systems allow you to increase your vehicle’s ride height, or how high it is above the ground. Drivers who want to experience the look and feel of driving a bigger vehicle often install suspension lift kits. Off-roaders and other thrill-seekers can also benefit from suspension lift kits as they provide superior shock absorption.

The extra advantage of using suspension lift kits is that they allow you to customize your wheels and tires. Suspension lift kits remain the best option for drivers who want to upgrade their trucks without completely overhauling their entire suspension system.

Body Lift Kits

Like suspension lift kits, body lift kits allow truck owners to create a gap between their vehicle bodies and the road. It’s also possible to fit new and larger tires with body lift kits. Drivers also don’t have to realign their vehicles’ suspension systems when they add custom body kits.

Comparatively, body lift kits are easier to work with. You can customize the appearance of your truck and improve your driving experience with custom body lift kits.

Suspension for Towing

If you use your truck for toy-hauling, pulling a trailer or doing field work, you may need a truck suspension upgrade to make your job easier and more efficient.

Custom shock absorbers, coil springs, and other add-ons can be fitted on your vehicle to meet your towing and hauling needs. TCS Upfitting can modify your truck’s suspension to handle heavy loads and improve driver comfort.

Leveling Kits for Suspension

A careful look at many trucks shows that their rear sections usually appear higher than the front. The problem with this design is that with time, the imbalance can put too much pressure on some areas of your suspension system when you are off-roading or hauling heavy equipment.

Leveling kits are designed to balance out your truck for even distribution of forces on your vehicle. This way, you can lengthen your suspension system’s lifespan and also upgrade to larger tires if you choose.

Other Must Have Off-Road Truck Accessories

Heavy Duty Headache Racks for Pickup Trucks

When you are hauling heavy cargo in the truck bed and suddenly apply the brakes, your goods may crash into the cab and smash the windows. A truck headache rack is a barrier that separates the cab from the truck bed. It protects cab occupants from broken glass and offers extra benefits such as additional lighting for off-roading.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels come in various forms and are mostly fitted on police vehicles since they withstand high-stress conditions. Steel wheels’ extra durability over conventional alloy wheels makes them suitable for pickup truck drivers who frequently off-road. While they may appear different from your traditional set of wheels, steel wheels are built for improved functionality in any off-road condition.

Off-Road Tires

Heavy-duty wheels should go with heavy-duty tires. If you decide to fit steel wheels on your truck, you may also want to mount off-road tires. Robust off-road tires promote durability and have more aggressive tread patterns to give you a firm grip on rocky roads.


You don’t want to go cruising in the wilderness at night time without having a light bar. Your standard headlights may not offer the highest visibility for off-roading. Invest in an aftermarket light bar and mount it on your roof, bumper, and other parts of your truck to increase your visibility. High-intensity light bars are a must for off-road drivers who want to prepare their trucks for both day and night.

Cargo Carrier

Consider upgrading your pickup truck for off-roading by installing roof baskets. These provide more room for carrying cargo. An aftermarket roof basket can essentially double your truck’s storage space, depending on what model of pickup truck you are using. A sturdy cargo carrier allows you to secure your goods while freeing up spaces in your cabin. 

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