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Being in an industry that relies on you to be safe within your job when you are driving on the road requires you to have your vehicle outfitted with equipment. When you come to TCS Upfitting, you will find a variety of personal protective equipment and safety items that you can buy and have installed onto your vehicle. Your car, truck or SUV being well-equipped will protect others on the road as much as they protect you.
It’s important that you choose the right personal safety equipment store to get what your vehicle needs the most, and TCS Upfitting is the right store for that. From Streamlight LED Flashlights to Ballistic Body Armor Plates, you can ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped to maintain safety on the road.

One of the products that you’ll find on our site is the PI-LIT Sequential Flare, which is a smart LED flare that uses a radio-linked network to sequence the flash pattern. Safety is key when being on the road, and because of this we provide Guardian Angel LED Lights, too. These are trusted by first responders around the world, and if there are safety items that you need but don’t see on our website, let us know. We can source it for you!

Your Safety Is Vital

Getting around on the roads – particularly during an emergency – can be dangerous. You need to have the right equipment to reduce risks while operating a vehicle.

There are a variety of trends that surround vehicle personal safety equipment, and at our safety equipment store, you’ll find the most effective of them for law enforcement. Including as we said, industry-grade Streamlight LED Flashlights and Guardian Angel LED Lights. Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or responding to an emergency on the highway, you need to know you have the right equipment installed on your vehicle to get the job done.

Even when you park and exit your vehicle, you need to be safe. For this reason, it is important to consider ballistic body armor plates. Keeping you and your colleagues safe should be your number one goal and at TCS Upfitting, we aim to help you maintain their safety. No matter what safety equipment measures you choose the best thing to do is to be alert and pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Choosing TCS Upfitting

Our safety equipment store can help you to maintain the highest levels of safety on the road. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the following:

Quality Products

We know how important it is to have the right equipment for your vehicle and we are happy to source any products that you cannot find in our personal safety equipment store. We want you to only have the best that is why we are partnered with some of the best brands in the industry like Bayco and Guardian Angel.

Warranty For Life

We proudly stand behind our work, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all products. If something goes wrong, let us know. We will work with you to find a solution and quickly resolve any issues that you are experiencing.

Excellent Customer Service

We have a team that is here to listen to customer concerns, answer all questions, and provide thorough information and recommendations. Our team members are fully trained and are ready to assist you in finding the right products for your vehicle.

Honest Solutions

We believe in integrity which is why we always bring a high degree of professionalism and honesty to every customer that we work with.

Ballistic Armor

Backpack Armor
  • Angel Armor
Body Armor
  • Angel Armor
  • Angel Armor

LED Lights


  • Bayco
  • Streamlight

Sequential Road Flares

PI-LIT Sequential Road Flares

  • ICS Sequential Flare
  • ICS Landing Zone Kit
  • Remote Control

Smokeless Range Shooting Simulator

  • Laser Ammo

Personal Safety Items For Vehicle Owners

We have a team that understands the importance of providing high-quality craftsmanship with every product that is sold and installed. Your emergency vehicle deserves the best, and before our techs work on your vehicle, we make sure they have been thoroughly trained in all products and vehicle types. Every person in our company’s goal is to effectively perform their duties while delivering reliable service to all customers.

Almost all of our items can be installed by you, but if you need help, we’ll be more than happy to install them for you.

Customizing Your Emergency Vehicle

It doesn’t matter whether you have an emergency ATV, truck, car, UTV or golf cart, our team can help you with choosing the right personal safety equipment. Our skilled professionals are more than qualified to advise you on the safety equipment products that you need to enhance the safety of your vehicle and provide solutions based on your specifications.

Our technicians get it – we know you need the right upfits for your vehicle to perform correctly, and each member of our crew has the training and certifications they need to perform their duties to the highest possible standard.

We provide unrivaled service and can easily installation of all safety equipment items that we sell onto your vehicle. If there’s something that you don’t see on our site, let us know and we will find it for you.

Our lifetime warranty applies to all of our workmanship, and we are proud to offer an unmatched upfitting service for all safety equipment.

About Us

TCS Upfitting is a complete upfitting business that also offers personal safety equipment for vehicle owners and organizations with specific vehicles including:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Emergency Management
  • Military
  • Tow Truck Companies
  • General Public

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Why Choose Us for Your Personal Safety Item Needs

Here are some of the qualities that set us apart from others who provide safety accessories for personal vehicles in Wichita:

  • Stellar Customer Service – We have knowledgeable team members who are ready to answer your questions regarding our safety products. 
  • Quality Inventory – We source our materials only from reputable brands. As we mentioned above our LED safety lights come from Guardian Angel, a company that designs and develops high-tech safety lighting for different types of vehicles. In addition to Guardian Angel, we also carry Bayco products. Bayco is recognized globally for providing high-performance lighting solutions provider across virtually every industry.  
  • Unparalleled Integrity – When we serve our clients, we maintain a high degree of professionalism and honest solutions. 



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