When running a commercial business, your vehicles are vital to your company’s success. Not only do they need to meet the specific demands for your business, but they also must provide safe transportation for your drivers and ensure they have the proper equipment for each task.

Commercial van upfitting is becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking for new ways to increase safety and production. Essentially, commercial van upfits are the tools that turn your van into something more than a traditional commercial vehicle, allowing you to customize the vehicle to ensure it meets your company’s daily demands.

But what exactly is a commercial van upfit, and what are the various benefits it can provide for your business? Continue reading below to learn more about why you should consider a van upfit for your commercial enterprise and find out how TCS Upfitting can help improve the efficiency and performance of your commercial vans.

What Is a Van Upfit?

A commercial van upfit is a series of customized interior and exterior modifications designed to increase its efficiency, accessibility, and versatility and allow the van to meet your company’s specific demands. Some of these modifications include additional storage and shelving, cargo access, handicap accessibility, partitions, and more. With the right commercial van upfits, you can transform your work vehicle into a custom-tailored machine that always gets the job done.

Here are a few of the benefits that a van upfit can provide.

  • Customized specifically for the demands of your business
  • Ensures a high level of service
  • Creates a productive working environment
  • Increases productivity
  • Stand out from the competition

The Difference Between Van Upfits and Conversion Vans

While conversion vans are similar to van upfits, there are several differences between the two options. Whether you’re considering a van upfit or a conversion van, understanding the distinctions between the two can help you determine which one is right for you.

A conversion van is an umbrella phrase used to encompass a diverse range of installations added to a van that is meant for a specific purpose and tailored to the needs of a customer. Conversion vans are commonly used as mobile showrooms to show off new items or provide mobile services such as dog grooming, hair salons, and food.

Additionally, because these vans have the capability of safely storing specific equipment while in transit, smaller organizations have typically chosen to use conversion vans to expand their operations to offsite locations, allowing their teams to work remotely.

While the components installed in van upfits can also be found in conversion vans, the process of creating a conversion van requires the disassembly of the van’s interior to add new components and features. Some of these components include new sidewalls, doors, consoles, storage, trims, and ceiling, among others, as well as other commodities and features, such as luxury seating, TV cabinets, and luggage racks.

A van upfit, on the other hand, is a less time-consuming and expensive option. Van upfits are relatively moderate vehicle alterations where various custom components and features are added to a van without affecting the van’s overall design and layout. Some of the items found in a van upfit include additional storage and handicap accessibility but might also include other features such as rear-view cameras, remote start systems, and backup sensors.

What to Consider Before Upfitting your Commercial Vans

A commercial van upfit isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, which means there are a couple of things worth considering before you start upfitting.

Driver and Vehicle Safety

Aside from how effectively the upfit will work for you and your business, another key consideration is how it will affect the vehicle’s safety. Knowing your van’s payload capacity is critical, as it will determine how much cargo your van will be able to transport, including the weight of the upfit. 

Additionally, business managers should have a thorough awareness of how their vans are used and how drivers access the van to increase driver safety. Understand what your drivers will need in their van and how they will get it, and consider investing in additional safety devices to keep your drivers safe at all times, such as partitions, blind spot mirrors, and backup cameras.

Understand the Van’s Uses

Business owners should also consider what the van will be used for on a daily basis. Will it require access to big or heavy items? Will it require access from the front or back or both? Will it need additional storage?

Consider the most common tasks that will be performed with these vans and any issues you’ve encountered in the past, as it will assist you in determining which van upfits are must-haves.

How TCS Upfitting Can Help

TCS Upfitting is your one-stop-shop for your commercial van uplifts in Wichita, Kansas. Not only do our commercial van uplifts improve the efficiency of small, medium, and heavy-duty vans, but they also ensure that your drivers have what they need while on the job and keep your customers happy.

We have a large selection of upfit accessories to add a personal touch to your commercial vehicle(s). Take a look at a few of them below.

  • Graphics and Decals
  • Cargo Access and Handicap Accessibility
  • Storage
  • Partitions
  • Flooring
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Industry-Specific Equipment

At TCS Upfitting, our specialists understand the importance of high-quality craftsmanship, and our shop has everything needed to turn your van into a machine suited for any occasion. With years of experience and certified training, we stand behind our work and deliver only the highest quality van upfits that significantly increase its functionality.

If you would like to learn more about the commercial van upfit services offered at TCS Upfitting, please contact us today to speak with an expert and discover how we can help you choose the right van upfit for your commercial vehicles.