It could easily be said that Americans are obsessed with their trucks. Just look at today’s roads, and you’ll see massive numbers of trucks. And why are they so popular? Because they are such useful multi-purpose vehicles, good for work, play, and helping others. Kind of the embodiment of American values, a combination of freedom and utility.

You can go camping in them. You can haul gravel or plywood or take trash to the county dump. You can go camping, “mudding,” or just zip down the highway for a grand adventure. And you can run a business with a logo emblazoned on the truck’s side. Trucks can also combine utility with luxury.

Upgrading any type of truck can enable it to do more things, work harder and boost its resale value. And there’s the pride factor too. Lots of truck owners can show how cool their upgraded truck accessories is. Here are some great suggestions to upgrade your vehicle to get the best functionality and value from it. 

1. Truck Bed Liners

A truck bed liner can protect the bed of a truck from being damaged by every item that it hauls and from every rain or hailstorm, including dents, dings, and scratches. Bedliner options include spray-in liners that offer permanent protection for the vehicle from rust and provide a sealed-on surface that is skid-resistant. Other options include drop-in liners or carpet-like liners such as BedRug which are very tough. 

2. All-Weather Floor Liners

All-weather floor liners are essentially mats that are custom-fit to a vehicle, not simple mats like those purchased at a supply store that are simply dropped into place. Custom-fit liners will fit the contours of a vehicle’s floor. They are very effective in keeping dirt, grime, and muck from getting into the vehicle’s carpet. Additionally, they are waterproof, so they collect moisture on the liner to protect the carpet beneath.

3. Truck Bed Organizers 

Truck bed organizers and toolboxes are great storage solutions for the items you need to make the truck fully functional. These items can protect tools from theft and damage as well as keep them organized and accessible. You can buy smaller organizers and toolboxes that sit up in the cab, or larger models that reside in the truck bed, making tool loading and unloading easier. Of course, for one of these kept in the truck bed, you want a box that is lockable. 

4. Running Boards

Running boards, step bars, or nerf bars serve to help drivers and passengers get from the ground into the cab. Some can be activated with the door is opened, extending out from underneath the truck body to provide an easy step up, then retract when the door is closed. Various styles are available. 

5. Tonneau

Tonneau covers are highly useful to protect a truck’s equipment, cargo, and the truck bed itself. Enclosing the truck bed can also improve fuel economy and give the truck a sleek, polished look. There are several types available including a soft roll-up cover with a vinyl top, a hard tri-fold cover, or a hard retractable cover. Plenty of choices to fit your needs. 

6. Heavy-Duty Tarps

A heavy-duty tarp is a convenient and inexpensive addition to the truck’s “tools” to provide temporary protection to a truck’s cargo. Another inexpensive addition is a cargo net. Additionally, a cargo bar can be installed in the back of a truck to keep items securely in place during transit. 

7. Bed Lights

Bed lights can be very helpful if you need to work in your truck bed at night. You can get a high-mounted light on top of the truck cab that can light up the truck bed. Models are available that include a camera that can be connected to the vehicle’s display screen to monitor the truck’s cargo. 

8. Camper Shells

A camper shell can be added to the truck’s inventory to increase the capacity of the truck and to provide further protection for the truck’s contents. Camper shells are typically made of aluminum and fiberglass, and they not only provide protection to equipment and cargo but can be used for camping too.

9. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are simply rubber mats that are attached near the rear wheels of a pickup truck. They can provide significant protection against nicks from rocks, gravel, and road salt tossed up during travel. They also provide protection for other cars from water and mud thrown up by your truck. 

10. Bug Shields

Bug shields and vent visors are simple and useful additions to a truck. Bug shields attach to the front of the truck to deflect debris and bugs away from your windshield. Vent visors are attached to the side windows and can protect truck occupants from getting wet in rainy weather when the windows are partially opened. 

11. Tow Hitches

A tow hitch can be a valuable addition to a truck even if there are no plans to tow something. Options include a standard 2” hitch receiver, a triple-ball trailer hitch using balls for three common sizes of hitches, and an RTJ hook cluster with towing chains. 

12. Electric Winches

If your truck needs to serve some heavy-duty functions, an electric winch may be the device to add. 

13. Customized Wheels

Wheels and tires can be customized for every truck’s look and transportation purposes. You can get more heavy-duty tires, tires that go in snow, mud, and rocky country roads, and you can accompany any tires with custom wheels instead of the stock rims from a dealer. And it is important to have a full-size spare instead of one of those small compact spares. 

14. Tailgate Assists

A tailgate assist can be easily installed to let down the tailgate easier rather than let it clang down with a jarring sound. 

15. Backup Camera Systems

If your truck doesn’t come with an installed backup camera system, they are easy to add and provide safety and convenience in backing up your vehicle. 

What Can TCS Upfitting Do for You?

There’s no reason to settle for a bare-bones stock vehicle configuration. TCS Upfitting can install off-road truck gear, safety equipment, upgraded suspension, or any other aftermarket truck accessory. We can install ignition security systems, bed liners, tonneau covers, and much more. 

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