Being a truck driver for a living has never been easy. Like any other profession, being a truck driver has its own unique set of challenges and difficulties. While some issues are beyond control, drivers must remain vigilant in understanding potential hazards and learning how to deal with them while on the job.

Truck drivers provide a service that is valued by customers and corporations worldwide. However, despite how appealing it may appear to outsiders or beginners, life on the road is not easy. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest challenges that come with being a truck driver and provide some helpful tips to help truckers stay safe while delivering crucial goods and products to companies and consumers.

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The 5 Biggest Challenges of Being a Truck Driver

Being a truck driver can be a lonely, exhausting, and sometimes dangerous life. While there are many perks and benefits to the job, this does not change the fact that being a truck driver entails some very unique challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges that truck drivers face.

1. Driver Shortage

Truck drivers have been in short supply for many years, but a wave of retirements combined with supply chain challenges can make the job even more stressful. While this problem is caused by various factors, the end result leaves truck drivers forced to travel long distances for many days at a time to ensure everything in their cargo is delivered on time.

2. Health Problems

Like many occupations, being a truck driver comes with its own set of health problems. From a higher risk of obesity, musculoskeletal problems, and hypertension to sleep apnea, higher stress levels, dehydration, and more, truck drivers face the risk of a wide range of potential health issues.

3. Job Pressures

Aside from the pressure of delivering goods in perfect condition, one of the most difficult challenges for truck drivers is the pressure of delivering each item on time. Many employers set difficult delivery goals, forcing truck drivers to go above and beyond to meet those targets.

4. Lack of Time with Family

Truck drivers are the skeleton that holds the economy together, transporting everything from medicine and food to clothing and various materials from destination to destination. As a result, many of them spend extended periods of time away from family and loved ones. From family events, children’s birthdays, and spending time with friends, lack of quality time with loved ones can be a struggle for many truck drivers.

5. Lack of Sleep

When carrying valuable goods across the country, it’s not uncommon for commercial truck drivers to drive for an extended amount of time. Driving late at night, driving a long distance, and driving for three or more hours at a time all contribute to sleep deprivation, and long sedentary hours without sleep can lead to various other health problems.

Keeping Your Drivers Safe While on the Road

Because of the nature of the job, truck drivers must be mentally and physically strong and capable of driving for several hours and hundreds of miles without falling asleep behind the wheel. While unpredictable events do occur, this is a fact of life in any industry. As a result, it’s critical that truck drivers have the necessary tools to help them be prepared for the unexpected and overcome some of the challenges they are faced with.

Trucking, like any other line of work, has its ups and downs, as well as its own set of challenges that are unique to the profession. Being aware of the challenges your drivers will face is the best way to prepare them for the unexpected and keep them healthy and safe.

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