By their very nature, emergency vehicles place themselves at significant risk on a daily basis. Between routine traffic stops to criminal activity, emergency vehicle upfitting has become integral in the world of first-responders in allowing them to complete their duties safely and more efficiently.

With our partnership with StarChase, TCS Upfitting has the capabilities to upfit your emergency response vehicles with top-of-the-line technology that keeps your officers safer than ever before. Continue reading below to learn more about StarChase technology and how TCS Upfitting can help you with all of your emergency vehicle upfitting needs.

Features and Functionality of StarChase Products

As a leader in GPS Solutions for emergency vehicles, StarChase is dedicated to creating less-lethal solutions devoted to increasing the safety of police officers and community members. With their unique offering of public safety solutions, StarChase gives law enforcement organizations the tools they need to monitor ongoing threats and decrease common risks that police officers face on a daily basis.

Real-Time Mapping

StarChase Real-Time Mapping technology delivers impactful and customizable reports that allow your team to replay an entire event or instantly know your team’s location. Not only can you track, monitor, and securely and efficiently manage your team, as well as its vehicles and assets, StarChase Real-Time Mapping also allows you to do so via computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

With multi-platform security and data encryption, Real-Time Mapping allows organizations to work securely from any device and share access with neighboring jurisdictions, increasing tactical coordination, situational control, and interagency cooperation.

Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher

With a StarChase Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher, you can end vehicle pursuits more safely without the dangerous speeds or risk inherent with traditional pursuit tactics. The Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher from StarChase has the ability to tag, track, and locate suspects with precise accuracy without compromising officer and community safety.

Built to withstand inclement weather and extreme outdoor driving conditions, the Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher sits behind the grille of a police vehicle. When a pursuit seems likely, officers can deploy a Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher tag from inside or outside their vehicle via their console or remote key fob.

Handheld GPS Launcher

With a Handheld GPS launcher, police officers can deploy tracking tags during events that require a tactical advantage, giving your team a mobile alternative to the Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher. Featuring the same great features and functionality of the Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher, the Handheld GPS Launcher provides a safer option for law enforcement to track suspects during pursuit-related events.

With an effective range of 10 to 40 feet, the Handheld GPS Launcher provides a wide range of use in various operating conditions and tactical scenarios. It is also safe for use in close quarters situations.

GPS Tracking Application

StarChase also provides a real-time app-based tracking solution that offers ongoing front-line visibility with vital location intelligence for quick response. With AppTrac-365™, StarChase allows team leaders to monitor the positions of their most critical assets and increase team collaboration, operational management, and decision-making.

AppTrac-365 can be installed on any device, including mobile phones, MTUs, and laptops, and allows your officers to report critical incidents, receive custom reports, and scan and review suspect information in real-time.

GPS Tracking Tag

With GPS Tracking Tags, officers are now able to safely apprehend suspects without the need for vehicle pursuits at dangerous speeds, enabling safer outcomes by allowing officers to evaluate situations and respond tactically. GPS Tracking Tags send officers an update every three to five seconds, allowing for close surveillance and air and ground support, with tactical monitoring capabilities.

StarChase’s secure web-based mapping interface relays real-time GPS coordinates to your officers, providing them with ongoing surveillance and asset tracking, such as relative position and other critical data points.

Benefits of StarChase Products

StarChase supplies public safety and government agencies with a variety of GPS technology solutions that assist in managing high-risk events, surveillance, real-time situational awareness, and day-to-day operations of first responders. With cutting-edge tools and technology, StarChase technology has become a trusted resource for public safety organizations worldwide.

With tried-and-true solutions, StarChase technology is improving the daily landscape for police officers, giving them the tools they need to deescalate situations and make their jobs safer. Learn more about some of the benefits of StarChase products below.

4th Amendment Compliant

According to research performed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), assessing the GPS monitoring during police pursuits, StarChase technology has the potential to eliminate dangerous high-speed pursuits, which are responsible for killing hundreds of civilians each year. With a third or more of fatalities being innocent bystanders, StarChase technology makes the job safer for police officers and provides a safer environment for the local community.

Unrivaled Customer Support

StarChase provides all training and assistance in the United States, which means that the same team that creates the products and services is ready to serve you and your agency when you have any questions. From onsite training to training modules and ongoing support, StarChase staff can assist you from start to finish.

Superior Products

StarChase products are created by a team of spirited specialists dedicated to providing the best solutions possible. When you choose StarChase, you can be sure that each product is built to last and able to fulfill its most essential responsibilities.

Pioneers in Emergency Vehicle Upfitting

When it comes to upfitting your emergency response vehicles to respond to suspected criminal activity, you need a team you can trust with all of your upfitting needs.

At TCS Upfitting, we offer the very best in first responder emergency vehicle upfitting.

With our team of specialists, knowledgeable sales consultants, and trained installation professionals, we remain dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service from start to finish. With the utmost attention and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship, we are proud to be the preferred choice for our Kansas City customers and all of their emergency vehicle upfitting needs.

Our top priority is ensuring that your emergency vehicles are equipped with the best tools and technology available.

To learn more about how TCS Upfitting can assist you with all of your emergency vehicle upfitting needs, contact us today to speak with one of our experts to find the best upfits for your vehicles.